The first symptoms of pregnancy

I never thought that the body began to “suffer” so soon.
Most people told me that I had a super quiet pregnancy but I’m not having such a good time:

Some of the most common pregnancy symptoms:

  • Nausea:  I have constant nausea (I would say that 50% of the day I feel like vomiting) but I never get to do it (I only vomited 2-3 days in Peru). The sensation is accentuated in the morning, at lunchtime and at some times of the end of the day. I guess that is when I have an empty stomach. To relieve symptoms I spend the day eating (lots of fruit, by the way).
  • Tiredness: I’m exhausted. In the mornings it is harder for me to get up and I am unable to think about staying with someone at night because I am aware that after 23h I will begin to be a piece of furniture more of the set and an unwanted company. Also, the heat of late July does not help.
  • Pipi: I am already quite “meona”, but if I used to go about 3 times in the workday, now I’m double drinking the same thing. Also, when I go I feel that the bladder is going to explode. At night, I have to get up 1 to 2 times quite quickly, too.
  • Breasts: They hurt a lot. Sometimes the whole cup and sometimes the nipples, which I would swear to have grown. I don’t know if all the pregnancies happen to them, but I see horrible breasts.
  • Abdominal pains: It’s like having a period of two and a half months. Punctures (such as small contractions), feeling bloated .. luckily it is not often.
  • Hormones: I’m more stupid, especially when it comes to getting excited. In Peru, I hit a few chotos of crying with the films of the buses that caused me such nasal congestion that I ended up hurting my head to rage. And even when the movie was over, I was still crying when I reminded him of certain scenes to my boyfriend.

It seems that I am within normality, that the first trimester is like that and then the body gets used to it.
I’ll tell you …

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