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The anti-stretch creams I’m using

I hadn’t even noticed the existence of possible stretch marks until several people started asking me “Are you already getting anti-stretch cream?” “And what cream are you using?” So on the last visit with the doctor, I asked about this and he advised me a couple of them: Trofolastín, from Novartis laboratories (€ 25-30) and Velastisa, from ISDIN (€ 20-25). Honestly, I don’t think he would advise me in particular for any particular reason, but because it was probably the only one that had a sample.

little candle2I tried the Trofolastín at random and the texture seemed too thick and the smell … I don’t know, I didn’t quite convince myself.

It is true that in adolescence when my body went from being a girl to becoming a woman, I suffered from those uncomfortable stretch marks (in the breasts, basically) and today, and surely because of some regimen I still have some less visible in the thighs. That’s why I started to think that it didn’t hurt to start taking care of myself and I asked our friend Juanjo, who has a pharmacy, to recommend me the best. And tachán, it turned out to be the Velastisa.

I tried it and Bingo! Not only does it have a very nice texture without being too greasy and easy to spread, but it has a rich smell that I love (it is a smell that reminds me of dolls when they are new).

In the opinion of experts, there are no studies that guarantee that creams prevent the appearance of stretch marks and much less hide them, but it is recommended to hydrate the skin and have less chance of appearing. So for less than € 30, it doesn’t cost much to prevent.

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