Best Interactive Books Apps for your child

In our age of high technology books also began to change their registration from paper to electronic media. This can be treated in different ways, however, not to recognize opened possibilities is simply impossible. Now familiar to many generations of children stories became even brighter, more interesting, more exciting. And most importantly, now you can touch them and become a full participant in the plot.

Vixy — children’s tale

What could be better than a night in a warm bed and dream? However, who creates these dreams and it gives us? Children will find a fascinating interactive immersion into the world of hard-working weeks. The guys have to help young Wixom Willis and Alice to get acquainted with the technology of dreams, to play with them in simple puzzle games and learn many new and interesting things.Google play

Mommy Hurries Home

The mother tells the little night Alyosha, as she was hurried to his home from work, and what happened to her on the way, amazing and unusual events. The whole story you can read, listen, and touch — all pictures are done in a cute manner, and many of the items they respond to touch.Google play/App Store

Tales for children and encyclopedias of Playstory 4+

Картинки по запросу Tales for children and encyclopedias of PlaystoryКартинки по запросу Tales for children and encyclopedias of Playstory

A handy application that allows you to download a variety of children’s interactive books. Navigation is conveniently divided into six categories: Stories, Tutorials, Puzzles, More books, books in English and Demo. Best filled category Tales (individual books and collections) and Training (various encyclopedias, as well as developing exercise table type Schultz).Google play/App Store

My Friend Bibo

Cute monster Bibo is looking for friends around the world, and in this he is very similar to Luntik. Children will not only learn its history, but also to take part in it, so all of the pages of this interactive book are animated and they can play, and some young readers expecting easy puzzles, like “Find a pair”, “Puzzle”, and others.Google play

Kids Corner: Interactive Tales and Games for kids

Screenshot ImageScreenshot Image

Another application in which enjoy beautifully decorated to a fabulous story. A large section of here are all your favorite mi-Mi-bears with their games and books. It is worth noting that the main part of the books is paid. As payment here is accepted by the local gold coins, which you can buy for real money, or earn, talking about the app in social networks or accumulate.Google play

Nighty Night – Bedtime Story

Our review ends, and the kids it’s time for bed. This is perfect small masterpiece from the nominee on the award “Oscar” Heidi Wittlinger. It is impossible to call this game fully book, but the whole process is built on interactivity. Children will take turns to visit different animals on the farm to put them to sleep and wish them good night. Each animals have three animations that will introduce kids on how those behave and talk.Google play/App Store

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