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7 cartoons about Transformers, except Transformers

If your child loves transformers, but all the cartoons in this series he has looked into it, wow! Them very, very much. Just everything? Well, imagine that. Or that you, like some parents, believe that these cartoons are too aggressive for children. Well, or you have mentions of Optimus and Bumblebee starts to twitch his eyes.

Then it’s time to learn that in addition to the eternal struggle of the Autobots and Decepticons, there are other cartoons, where cars turn into robots. Or Vice versa. We present you a selection of 7 cartoons about transformers that have no relationship to the planet Cybertron.

“Robocar Poli and his friends”

In the fictional town of Broome’s cars live in the neighborhood with people. The main character is a police car named Paulie, who is always ready to help. With him in the rescue team included a fire truck, robotrek Roy, the ambulance, Robben amber and rescue helicopter robocopter Hallie. Manager reports to the guys who where in trouble, and the transformers team is always ready to come or arrive to help. And in this cartoon at the end of each of the series characters give advice for the safety of the kids. In General, transformers for the little ones.

“Team Dino”

Another series about transformers for preschoolers. And another team of rescuers who are always ready to help. The main character here — car-dinosaur Rex. Yes, exactly, combine two Hobbies in one: all the characters — cars-Dinos. They know how to transform into mighty robots and use the power of some of the elements. Together, the heroes help the people of the city, showing the audience that any problem can be solved if to unite.

“Robot train”

This time robots not any cars and real trains! In the magical land of trains living their normal lives and build a railroad that will link the two continents. High-speed train, the Key is trapped in the tunnel and loses memory. Now he has to re-learn everything he knew, to remember their friends and stop the villains who want to destroy the peaceful life of the city.

“War Hobotov”

Series based on the toy line and that you are, it’s not “Transformers”! Good robots there not Autobots, the Guardians, and the bad Decepticons and the Renegades. The rest, well… they fight, trying to save their planet , etc. At the main Guard and a Renegade to the human mind, placed there long since the Last Engineer. Anyway, to be honest, it’s all the same “transformers” from 1984. This line of Hasbro toys bought and turned into a familiar franchise. But then it was kinder and a little heartier assess costs.


Voltron is the most powerful weapon in the universe, which is collected from different robots. So I think it’s quite a transformer. The main characters — ordinary cadets who find themselves embroiled in an intergalactic struggle. After all, if Voltron gets in the wrong hands, the fate of the universe will be in danger! And ruthless Zarcon just trying to work Empire. But the characters with his loyal robots will be able to resist him and to bring peace to all planets.


“Robots” — cars that turn into robots with the help of a special key. It was invented by Dr. Franklin of Char, who tried to investigate a string of mysterious car accidents. When the Professor was abducted, his sons Ryan and Corey were the first pilots chobots, trying to find his father. Later Tobati began to fight crime and protect the city and its surroundings from criminals. Four seasons transformations for every taste!

“Mospeada — a weapon of survival”

Japanese animation transformers quite a lot, but we decided to stay in this animated series, he was one of the progenitors of the whole idea of transformation of machines into robots. The characters here use a motorcycle exoskeletons “Mospeada” and aircraft transformers against land grabbing aliens Umbetov. Well, Yes, the designer of equipment of this cartoon later worked on “Transformers”, so you will see here the familiar outlines.

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