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Did Somebody Say Fail?

Bah humbug! I failed at BEDA once again. Well… thrice again. Three days in a freaking row! Oh well. How about this. To make up for my grievous error, I will write a blog post that is four times as long as a normal blog post would be. Are you ready for this? You fucking […]

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Say Hello to Andy Anaheim!

Hot dog! Look what I ordered today!!! You: Who the heck is that? Me: Andy Anaheim! You: Umm… wut? So, here’s a quick history on little old Andy from the lovely folks at the Anaheim Historical Society: With his ant-like antennae and Mickey Mouse-ish nose, Andy Anaheim was a quirky little cartoon character who became […]

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Mr. @MerlinUWard is a #Futzing Machine!

My old friend from school, Merlin, is on a mission. That mission is to “become recognized as influential about “#futzing” by klout in 10 days”. Klout is a website that “uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score”. It pretty much just started as another “what’s […]

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My Only Resolution This Year

I was a bit too ambitious last year with my resolution. I ended up with a little less than 200 posts last year. Not bad… but not a post every day. Anyway. My only New Year’s Resolution™ is to get my tattoo of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit by the end of 2011. The image below […]

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Rabbits, Walmart, and Vibrams… oh my!

Didn’t like that last post. Didn’t flow well or even correctly convey what I was feeling. Could be because it was two in the morning when I wrote it. Yeah… maybe. In another news, I don’t think I’m doing as well as I could be doing on my diet. I blame the leftover wedding candy […]

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