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Ambam the Gorilla is a Glorious Gift from God

I would like to introduce you to the greatest gorilla on the planet. His name is Ambam and he can walk upright… JUST LIKE YOU AND ME! From the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park website: Ambam was hand raised for a few months when he was a year old because he became very ill and […]

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In Which I Discuss Death and Music

In case you didn’t know… I’m an atheist… a proud atheist. Overall… being an atheist has improved my life tremendously. When you don’t believe in an afterlife, you are forced to enjoy life to it’s fullest. The idea of evolution makes every living thing a fantastical and highly improbable feat of nature. Human interaction is […]

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Led Zeppelin and the Evolution of Music

I love Led Zeppelin. Good times, bad times, you know I’ve had my share! Man… I still remember my first religious Zeppelin experience like it was yesterday. I was sitting with my pant legs rolled up and my feet in the pool at the Alpine Inn while on my first trip to Disneyland. My mother […]

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Tonight, Tonight

Blog! So a lot of stuff has happened and a lot of stuff is planned. ALL OF IT IS GOOD.  My life is great.  I got 2 more AntWorks ant farms and ordered some ants for them. Well, I got the ants in the mail, but they were all dead. Bah! I ordered more and […]

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