The Bartlemans! Heyo! Yippie!

The Bartlemans are over. Guest post thingy!

Dawn says: Hello blog world. Or is it called blogosphere? Ummm… I don’t have much to say, but my dinner was very fantastic tonight and you should be jealous. The end.

Ricky says: Is my leg too slippy? I can’t turn around now. Will you back up? Let me lick your face. Heather and Adam just asked us if we would be people huggers. She’s nervous because she wants more people hugs.

Heather says: I’m really sick of you recording my entire life. Giggle giggle. Constantly. Chuckle. Seriously. He sends everything I do to the internet. He caught me trying to take a nap in Paisley’s bed. No, I wasn’t drunk! I’m not even drunk. He saved me from the scrutiny of the rest of the internet. Go away! It’s mine! It’s between me and my dog!

Adam says: Boogers.

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The author of this totally rad blog is Adam Willis!

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    I am Ricky and I endorse this message.

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