Coachella Grass

First of all… NO… I am not talking about smoking weed at Coachella. We did not do that. Heather may have gotten a bit high after sitting too close to a bunch of hippies, but still… no.

I am talking about actual grass. In fact, I am talking about the best and greatest grass on this big green planet. Mind you… this is a fact.

Don’t believe me? LOOK AT IT!

Coachella Grass Closeup

And check this out:

My Gross Feet in the Coachella Grass

Why do you think my feet are so damn dirty? BECAUSE I HAD TO WALK BAREFOOT BECAUSE COACHELLA GRASS IS THE GREATEST GRASS IN THE WORLD. Imagine God kissing every single atom on the bottom of your foot and you’ll only begin to have the slightest inkling of the feeling it gives you. It deserves its own religion. It deserves a holiday! It also deserves to be walked on by thousands of festivals goers every year. That is its purpose and it serves that purpose greater than any one person or thing has ever served a purpose.

Watch this video!

Why do you think we’re so damn happy?

Because we got to see one of the The Beatles perform live?



Damn… really wish we were going this year.

We’ll be back, Coachella… we’ll be back…

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