How To Fix The United States of America!

United States of America Map Divided

There is it. That is how to fix America. Divide it! That’s right… divide it into smaller countries. Actually… the arbitrary, but awesome, divisions I have made are probably not small enough, but it’s a start. My reasoning for this is as follows…

America is too big to manage. It just is. We try and remedy this by having states, but the federal government is way too intermingled with each state government for them to behave too independently. Honestly… just making every state a country would be awesome, but it would be a logistical nightmare. That’s why I split them up into groups (…kind of). Think of Europe. Almost every country in Europe has amazing social services for their citizens. Why? Because they are small and easy to manage. Come on, people… this is a good idea! It will still be the United States of America as the word state is actually another word for country.

Another sure fire way to help fix America was presented by George Carlin:

He’s a fucking genius.

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