Surly Amy is an Awesome Badass

There’s been a lot of discussion of feminism and sexism in the skeptic community as of late, and I think that, overall, it’s been a very good thing. People discussing important topics is always a good thing. But… of course… there are some assholes in these discussions, and a lot of these assholes happen to be sexist jerks who like to tell women how they should feel about many different things. Surly Amy has posted the perfect response to these asshats. She has asked these all-knowing men to tell her how she should feel on a variety of topics. Here’s some examples:

How should I feel when walking home to my apartment in a city at night alone?

How should I feel when a car pulls up beside my car and honks and the man driving the other car is jacking off?

How should I feel when I catch a neighbor peeking in my window?

How should I feel about online stalkers who threaten to kill me?

How should I feel about men who whistle at me or tell me to smile while I am walking to the pharmacy to pick up asthma medicine?

How should I feel about what I am wearing? Should I feel differently if my skirt is short or long or if I am in pants?

Right on! Go read the rest of her questions and engage in some intelligent discussion at her blog post on the Skepchick website.

Speaking of Skepchicks! Rebecca Watson is another skeptical woman who is just as awesome and badass as Amy. Here’s a recent video she made discussing feminism:


UPDATE!!! Oh my! Rebecca Watson has just posted an eloquently written response to criticisms she has received about the video I embedded above. You must read it.

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