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What the heck is this?

So. This blog still exists. I know. What the hell, right? Anyhoo. Yeah.

Thinking about starting a cocktail blog and really devoting some time to it. Not sure if I’ll actually do it, but it could be fun.

Almost time for another State of the Adam. Been wanting to do one for a long time, but it just hasn’t felt right. Hopefully… soon… maybe… I dunno.

I love you.

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Almost time…

Feel like it’s almost time for a new State of the Adam.


I’ve felt that way for a long time. I usually try and do them when my life is kind of stable. Doesn’t feel stable. Feels like I’ve been on the edge (of glorryyyyy!) for quite some time. Should get better soon. Need a new job. New house. One less dog. More Disneyland. More parties.


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Umm… Hello.

Hey. This blog does still exist. I promise. Thinking about using it to discuss my foray into mixology… I mean… COCKTOLOGY. Yeah. So look forward to that. Or don’t. Really though… San Magnifico is where it’s at.

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The Bartlemans! Heyo! Yippie!

The Bartlemans are over. Guest post thingy!

Dawn says: Hello blog world. Or is it called blogosphere? Ummm… I don’t have much to say, but my dinner was very fantastic tonight and you should be jealous. The end.

Ricky says: Is my leg too slippy? I can’t turn around now. Will you back up? Let me lick your face. Heather and Adam just asked us if we would be people huggers. She’s nervous because she wants more people hugs.

Heather says: I’m really sick of you recording my entire life. Giggle giggle. Constantly. Chuckle. Seriously. He sends everything I do to the internet. He caught me trying to take a nap in Paisley’s bed. No, I wasn’t drunk! I’m not even drunk. He saved me from the scrutiny of the rest of the internet. Go away! It’s mine! It’s between me and my dog!

Adam says: Boogers.

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Was Awesome

Two words: Lee. Pace.

Our thoughts on Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

God damn Lee Pace was amazing.

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Waiting For Breaking Dawn Part 2

Okay. So. I’m drunk and at the movie theater blogging on my WordPress app. Heather is blogging by physically writing on the pages of her Secretariat book. She’ll transcribe it later I guess. Weirdo.

Actually. Heather’s blog is better than mine already and it’s only got like four posts! Ugh.

So yeah. Breaking Dawn Part 2. Got my Milk Duds and souvenir cup filled with Coke Zero. Got some younger folks bragging about their sexual exploits sitting behind me. This is exciting.

Look. Team Jacob. Still. Don’t care about the baby love thing. Whatever. Also… I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED FOR LEE PACE. He is going to make this movie epic. I love him so much. Okay. Bye. I love you. Reaction blog and vlog will be posted.

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Pooped Out

So. Too tired to finish Breaking Dawn Part 1. Got about half way through. The sex scene stuff was just as horrible as I remember and the rest was just bad. I am really excited to finish it and get to Part 2 because of LEEEEEE PAAAAAACE!!!

Good night!

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What a Stupid Ending. Eclipse. Yeah.

Booze so far: 1 Sam Adams Octoberfest. 1 Landshark Lager. 2 Sam Adams Winter Lagers. 1 double shot Captain Morgan and Pepsi. 1 double shot Sauza Blue Silver Tequila, Diet Mountain Dew, and Chardonnay cocktail thingy.

So. By now. I am a bit drunk. I’ve got a video uploading right now with some thoughts and mostly rambling, but for now… here is this.

Look. Bella.

You suck.

Yeah. That’s about it. She said something about Jacob being the right choice, but choosing Edward because of who she is. Well… that is correct. Jacob is the right choice. He’s perfect. And I love him. And his abs. And his llama face. But. Bella sucks. And Edward sucks. So yeah. Well. I guess Edward is the right choice for Bella. But not the right choice in general.

God. The next movie is gonna be rough. That gross birth slash c section thingy is horrible. And the violent sex? Just lovely. Sends a great message to young girls. Jesus. I hate this shit. It’s just bad for the world. And people. And humanity. And I want another beer. Probably an Underberg. Now I’m rambling. But I’ve always been rambling. Sorry. Okay. Time for Breaking Dawn Part 1. We’re gonna go see Part 2 tomorrow. Again… because we are dumb.




Ooh! Vlog!

Drunk. Sorry.

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Dakota Fanning Time! New Moon Review FTW!

Booze so far: 1 Sam Adams Octoberfest. 1 Landshark Lager. 1 Sam Adams Winter Lager. 1 double shot Captain Morgan and Pepsi.

Ooooooh yeah. This shit is getting good. New Moon!!!

You know what this mean… ABS. So much abs.

Taylor Lautner Sexy Abs


The plot of New Moon? Weak. Duh. Edward and Bella’s relationship is so destructive and unhealthy. Holy crap. It’s very appropriate that Romeo and Juliet was mentioned in the movie (not sure if it was this one or the last… a bit drunk). R & J were dumb and knew each other for like a day and killed themselves cuz they were stupid. Same with Edward and Bella. Look. Bella. Jacob is way better. He does not sparkle. He is warm. He has REAL abs. He doesn’t watch you sleep like a god damn pedophile maniac. He loves you! Edward is obsessed with you. You need this man out of your life. Jacob will take care of you in a healthy and loving way. You suck, Bella. And stop shaking your head so much.

I ordered pizza. Because I am drunk. Pizza plus more booze plus Eclipse equals something. I don’t know what that something is, but I’m sure it is going to rock!!!

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